Balancing Life: A Weekend in Maine

Weekends in, whether they are lazy or productive, are nonetheless important to maintaining a healthy balance of an active social life and peaceful time alone to recharge, so to speak. That being said a weekend in does not mean you still cannot go outside for a bit to be active and get some exercise in.

Part I – Saturday

Have any of you had big plans for the day but they suddenly change and nothing goes as you thought it would?

I had big goals for my day but here I sit on the couch, in my Celtics t-shirt, writing to you in the dark having spent the entire day cooped up in my apartment. The power has just gone out spoiling my chances of ending the day by watching the Celtics hopefully crush the Cavaliers in game 3.

When I say big goals I mean waking up at a decent time, lacing up my sneakers or hiking boots and hitting the trails. However, my plans were quickly thwarted when I opened my eyes and sensed how tired my body was. I listened to my body and stayed in bed a while longer enjoying the warm comfort that surrounded me. Having spent the last two weeks constantly on the go with family and friends, it was then I realized today was going to be dedicated to relaxing and recuperating, and that is exactly what I have done, so far that is.

I had what I like to call a productively lazy day. A day spent in comfy clothes, slippers and all, lounging around the apartment but slowly and surely checking things off my to do list. A back and forth day of changing laundry over from washer to dryer to catching up on favorite shows on Netflix. It is almost as if I reward myself after each task but on an unbalanced ratio of course, spending more time watching Netflix and checking social media than cleaning but can you blame me, it is the weekend after all and I haven’t anywhere to be.

*Update: 10pm – the power is back!*

Part II – Sunday

After having spent all of yesterday being productively lazy I took advantage of the somewhat decent spring weather and went for a walk with my sister and a family friends dog, Baxter. We may have only walked a short distance but the fresh air was, well, refreshing. Along the way we spotted some fresh deer tracks, a few particularly loud chipmunks, a couple of wild turkeys and a plethora of black flies.

Some of the best things Central, Mid-coast Maine has to offer is its vast amount of forest, untouched by man and groomed trails, and long, windy rocky coast line. Being surrounded by forest almost everywhere you are means endless opportunities to walk, hike, camp, picnic and more, and the same can be said for the ocean. Even in some of our bigger cities the forest and ocean are never far.

At some point I hope to share with you all some of my favorite trails and spots to visit so you too can enjoy them. Some of then, let me tell you, are bucket-list worthy, especially Acadia National Park.

As for the rest of today, I plan to return home and get ready for the long work week. Plan out lunches and dinners, work on my to-do list and pack for our upcoming adventure! Spoiler, I am about to discover some new trails and fishing spots to share with you all!

I use the app MapMyWalk to track all of my walks and hikes! I highly recommend the app as it not only tracks where you walk but your time, distance, average pace, calories burned, steps and elevation gain! I also have a FitBit I use to keep track of my daily steps.

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