Exploring The Maine Highlands: Glenburn, Maine

Landlocked in the center of Maine encompassing both Piscataquis and Penobscot county is The Maine Highlands region. Last weekend my friends and I had the chance to explore this beautiful region, one of 8 in Maine.

To put into perspective Maine’s eight regions:

We spent the, long memorial day weekend, on Pushaw Lake in Glenburn located at the southern end of the region near Bangor. Glenburn is situated in both Penobscot County and The Maine Highlands region.

We may have only spent a few days exploring a small area but we covered a lot of ground visiting new places that my friends and I had not yet been to.

I hope that in sharing my adventure of these beautiful places that maybe you will plan to visit them too.

Friday –

We arrived at Pushaw Lake fairly late in the afternoon but the wait was worth it. To get to our house we had to drive down an old, windy and very bumpy, road that lead to a bridge with a small island on the other side. There were several houses and cottages lining the right side of the road, with their owners waving as we passed. To our left was the lake, lined with docks, boats, kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis and more. We arrived at our cottage near the end of the road and the beachfront was indeed only 50 feet from the front door, as stated by the owners. We had access to a small dock, canoe and paddle boat. We used these all weekend to fish, soak in the sun, and enjoy the wonderful sunsets.


The big catch of the night at 10:00pm sharp!

Saturday –

Good morning! A view of the lake from the upstairs master suite.

Our plan for the day was to explore in the morning and relax during the afternoon. We started our morning by searching for a trail we wanted to hike. We settled on the Central Penjajawoc Preserve in Bangor, which was only 10 minutes from our house. We found the small parking lot next to the trailhead and set out, but not before covering ourselves with bug spray to deter the mosquitos and ticks. Upon entering the trail we immediately felt like we were in a different world. It was so peaceful and the only sound we heard was nature, the birds, squirrels and unfortunately, mosquitos. Despite the mosquitos and muggy air the hike was fun and we worked up a bit of a sweat.




The trail lead to an open field and at the other end was a marsh overlook. We took in the scenery, turned back and hiked out.

On the car ride home Janell and I came up with a story to tell everyone when we got back. This is what we came up with.

After we snapped photos of the marsh and had put our phones in my backpack a moose walked into the opening of the marsh.

As we started to tell the story we could both tell they were listening close and believed us, so we continued.

The next thing we knew the moose turned around and started towards us. We then ran as fast as we could to the other side of the field back into the woods. We were safe and continued back to the car. It’s been a week and they all still have no idea we never saw a moose, only a squirrel, as seen above!


This is the path we hiked.


After our hike we went back to the house to join everyone and spent the rest of the day on the lake. We fished, sat on the dock, enjoyed the warm sunshine and enjoyed each other’s company!

For dinner we made macaroni salad, barbecue chicken kabobs and corn on the cob! Look how colorful the kabobs turned out:


Not to mention the beautiful sunset. These photos were taken 10 minutes apart!

Sunday –

Sunday started the same as Saturday, with a delicious breakfast and a mid morning hike. This time we decided to explore the Orono Bog Boardwalk. The boardwalk was 18 minutes from the house. Once we arrived I could tell it was a popular destination as the parking lot was full, people were continuously coming and going. I also then realized that there was an entire trail system and not just the bog boardwalk. The bog boardwalk was off limits to dogs but the rest of the trail system was dog friendly. The trails were packed down and very wide, which made them both kid and stroller friendly. They even had bathrooms on site for those who were traveling long distances.


We only had time to explore the boardwalk but we have already made plans to go back to hike the East-West Loop Trail.

To get to the beginning of the bog boardwalk trail we had to walk a short distance that lead us to a small cabin with a worker. She was very friendly and greeted us. The trail started off with a small bridge over a stream and lead us into the bog. The boardwalk continued through a jungle felt forest for quite a while. Some of the boardwalk seemed to be floating on the water and as you walked the boardwalk moved. There were stops along the way for visitors to sit and read info on the plants and possible animals they might see.


A ways in, the boardwalk opened up from the forrest to the open bog. The boardwalk ventured out quite a bit and looped back around. There were multiple flowers, plants and trees to see. There were also plenty of signs that read, ‘do not pick the flowers’ and ‘please to not step into the bog’ indicating to us that people actually stepped off the boardwalk into the bog, which was frightening to me because I had no idea how deep some spots of the bog were and what was actual solid ground.




Part of the boardwalk, as seen above, was what all of the boardwalk used to look like. They are in the process of raising additional funds needed to completely remodel and replace the rest of the boardwalk to make it safer for all of the visitors.


The trail from start to finish was 1.61 miles and took us about 40 minutes. There was a lot of stopping to enjoy the scenery and take pictures.

After we got back to our house, the plan for the rest of the day was to make lunch and get ready for a concert at the Bangor Waterfront! The whole group had tickets and we planned to dance the night away under the starry sky.

We had a blast and it was the perfect end to our wonderful adventure!


Overall the trip was a 10 out of 10. I have already recommend the camp and trails to friends and family and will continue to recommend them! If you are in the area or are looking to take a vacation to vacationland I recommend checking out the Glenburn area of The Highlands Maine region.

6 thoughts on “Exploring The Maine Highlands: Glenburn, Maine

  1. Great photos. This would be a great place to take a vacation. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of Phlanx.com and connect with amazing brands!



  2. I spent most of my life just north of Bangor and never had any idea it was called the “Highlands” lol. If you’re looking for wildlife (and a moose!) but don’t have time to head up north to the county, just north of Bangor in the Milford/Greenbush area there are tons of reserves. And porcupines, and moose and bears, oh my.


    1. I’ve lived about an hour south of Bangor my whole life and went to UMaine for 4 years! I drove by the Orono Bog Boardwalk for years and never had a clue! I always knew of DownEast and Mid-Coast so I knew there had to be names for the other regions and this is what I discovered! I think I’ve seen may one or two moose in my lifetime, but never a bear, yet!


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